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Our Priority



The first key which we evaluate each step is data security, since the data stored is very sensitive we are taking care of protecting your data as its ours.



Waiting to every action you take is very boring, we are providing the performance as the data you need is on your own computer.



Ensuring data integrity without any loss, modification in all ways is very important. We assure the accuracy of the data across members data

Ekklisya Services

Members Database

Offering a full integrated Database for your service members recording full data, Eftkad, Nota rohya and much more.

Each member has specific role that defines his abilities on the system to give a defined access control across the service hierarchy.

Spiritual activities

Providing activities on the system like service-customized pointing system that offers a pre-defined bible quiz quiz. Vouchers to members to gain points, Early attendance pointing .. etc.

All activities has its own customizations for each service. you will feel the system as yours.

Servants utilities and reports

Each servant will got his tools and utilities to help the serving flow, from eftkad recording and getting eftkad recommendation, and attendance reports

Reports are the main document to take decisions in service. You will generate your own report as you like and as you customize

We was building a software that does not change the main roots of Ecclesiastical service. We wanted the technology to help Ekklisya Team